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Panic Sans Font in Textmate

2009-08-10 13:15:31 | Categorized Categorized | Tagged Textmate

Thanks to a tip in this post by DamienG, I’ve managed to install the gorgeous Panic Sans font that comes with the Coda application, and used it in Textmate.

Here’s a screen shot showing a comparison of both fonts.

Monaco (click to view larger):
Pastels on Dark, Monaco Font

Panic Sans (click to view larger):
Pastels on Dark, Panic Sans Font

I’m still sticking with Textmate’s Pastels on Dark theme though, as it is easy on the eyes (Twilight is a tad more contrasty).

I’ve also decided that the combination of Textmate and Forklift is best suited for my needs in adding and modifying content (Textmate) on Digital Photography Notes locally on my Mac, and syncing the new and modified files (Forklift) with my remote hosting server.

Forklift also acts as a splendid File Manager / Finder alternative, with its two-pane, multi-tab approach to presenting folders, servers and mounted storage.

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